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Panama Tours RouteExplore the best of Panama in a way few people do! With over 10 years of experience leading amazing adventure tours in Panama, we are here to help you design a custom made itinerary that meets your specific interest, and makes the most out of your vacation time.

Panama Tours RouteFill out the form below with your preferences. Choose your dates, the length of the tour (7 days minimum required), the destinations, the activities, and we will put together a personalized itinerary just for you.

Panama Tours RoutePrice per person. Starting from US$1,750.00 + 7% tax (based on double occupancy).

Panama Tours RouteIncludes. All internal transportation, delicious meals, carefully selected mid-range Small Hotels and B&B's, the best tours available on each destination, fully bilingual expert local guide, and full support throughout.



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    Based on previous experiences, we highly recommend following our test and tried "Main Route", with a perfect mix of beaches, mountains, popular destinations, and off the beaten path exploration, providing a very good sample of what Panama is all about. To this route you can easily add "Optional Destinations" depending on your interests and time availability. Finally, we have a couple of unconventional adventures available as "Day Tours From Panama City".


    Simply check-mark your preferences. Try to make your selections in accordance with the time you have available, choosing primarily the destinations and activities that interest you the most. Enjoy!


    Panama Tours Panama Canal

    Panama City & Panama Canal

    Founded in 1519, Panama City was the first European settlement on the Pacific side of the American Continent. Once here it is easy to include a visit to the Panama Canal, the nearby National Parks, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites as "Casco Viejo" and the ruins of "Panama La Vieja".

    Panama Tours

    El Palmar Beach

    A small beach town with a convenient location to break the drive, go for a swim or a walk, and have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. For those interested, there are surf lessons and surf board rentals available on this location.

    Panama tours off the beaten path

    Santa Fe National Park

    A hiker's paradise with amazing mountain views, lush rainforest, lots of waterfalls, and pleasant temperatures to hike and swim in the rivers and natural pools. Being an off the beaten path destination makes it an excellent place for experiencing authentic Panamanian culture.

    Panama Tours Beaches

    Las Lajas Beach

    One of the longest beaches in Central America, with miles upon miles of unpopulated coastline stretching as far as the eye can see. The beach is one of those that remain shallow for a very long way, the water is warm, the sand is soft, and it's a lot of fun to play in the waves.

    Panama Tours Boquete


    Panama's #1 mountain town is nestled in a valley where flowers bloom everywhere and rainbows are a common sight. With pleasant temperatures year-round, and home to small family-run coffee farms producing some of the highest quality coffee in the world.


    Panama Tours Coiba Island Santa Catalina

    Santa Catalina & Coiba Island

    Amazing snorkeling and scuba diving at Coiba Island National Park. However, it takes a while to get there. Recommended if you have enough time at your disposal and if you don't mind the long transfers, or if this is a "must-do" in your wish list. Great surfing for both beginners and experts in Santa Catalina.

    Panama Tours Bocas del Toro

    Bocas del Toro

    Laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, very informal and popular with surfers, backpackers, hippies, rastas, and you get the picture. Some people love it, others not so much, therefore, it is very important to understand that this is not a destination for everyone. You have the restaurants over the water, nightlife activity, souvenir shops, bike rentals, tours, and water taxis to the beaches and snorkeling spots.

    Panama Tours Guna Yala San Blas

    Guna Yala (San Blas Islands)

    Guna Yala is one of the most interesting destinations in Panama. It provides the rare opportunity to feel like traveling back in time and experiencing a unique indigenous culture. Not to mention the picture perfect tropical islands. The catch is the very basic accommodations, limited infrastructure in general, and possible cultural shock. It's a mistake to visit Guna Yala for the beaches and islands alone. You have to go there primarily to experience the culture, and welcome the beautiful scenery as a really nice bonus.


    San Lorenzo Fort Rainforest Bicycle Tour

    A historic fort built on a steep cliff by the Spanish crown in the late 1500's to defend the mouth of the Chagres River. A great place to go for a rainforest bicycle ride while looking for wildlife.

    Bayano Lake Caves

    An off the beaten path adventure with beautiful scenery on Lake Bayano, spectacular rock formations inside the caves, and thousands of bats coming out to great you.


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